Early Thinkers.  Future Leaders. 
Early Thinkers. Future Leaders.

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  “I firmly believe that any child can become superior, and my confidence has never been betrayed.”  
Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

"A baby's brain is a work in progress, wired to grow circuits called neurons and synapses.  These neurons and synapses are ready to be programmed to absorb math, music, language, emotions."*

What this means to us as parents and educators is that a child's brain is growing at an increasingly rapid rate between birth and six years of age.  We can help grow the child's brain by teaching them facts and information in a fun and interactive manner.  

Our mission:
We believe that the beginning of the creation of a genius starts at birth.  Our mission is to provide a complete and holistic approach to teaching your child.  We also believe that the sky is the limit to the amount of knowledge we can give to a child.

The preschool years are extremely crucial for a child to learn to read, math, science, history, foreign languages, music and art. 

The ThinkSmart progam facilitates learning because it takes learning to new dimensions.  Our curriculum is customized to each child and they receive new materials every two weeks.  This ensures that the child is not bored with repetitive materials.   For instance, our children learn about a dog.  They also progress to learn that a dog is a carnivore, that the dog is a mammal, that there are many breeds of dogs, and so on.  They will continue to learn that a dog is called "perro" in spanish, called "inu" in Japanese or "canis" in Latin.  This progression is followed in all subjects.

Parents may think that this is too much information for a child, but a child craves for more knowledge as a child is naturally curious!  My experience with my kids has proven this fact to be true. 

A Child who starts ahead stays ahead!

Learning in the early years should not be limited to the alphabet, basic vocabulary and number recognition especially if your child can do so much more!

Our holistic enrichment programs will unlock and nurture the giftedness in your child.  Our "Right Brain" learning programs are for children ages 18 months to 6 years.  Our programs are based on proven research by brain development experts.  We will teach them rich vocabulary, math facts and information on different subjects, science, geography, biology, foreign languages like Latin and Spanish, word roots, world cultures, critical thinking, universal values, BrainGym exercises and more!  We also have book clubs, poetry recitations and short skits.

Watch your child become a rising star!!

We work one-on-one with the kids and our enrichment work for children with Autism, Downs Syndrome and ADHD.  Please call for more information. 

We have strived to keep our programs affordable so all families can benefit
from ThinkSmart Kids.  Learn more about each program by clicking on the Our Programs tab!

ThinkSmart Early Discoverers: 
18 months to 2 years

ThinkSmart Scholars:  2 years to 6 years

ThinkSmart Private Tutoring and Enrichment:  Grades K- 8

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